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We are totally independent and pride ourselves in finding the venue that is perfect for you. The first step is creating a longlist of venues which align with your vision for your wedding and meet your important logistical requirements (i.e. fits the number of guests you plan to have and works within your budget).

We'll then arrange visits for you to the venues you love (we recommend joining you on these visits to help talk through how you can realise your vision in the space).

Once you have a shortlist we will advise on other important aspects of making your final choice such as detailed budgeting (what the venue does and doesn't include and how that will affect your overall budget) and guest experience (can the guests overnight onsite or nearby if the venue isn't near their home, is there a car park or good links to public transport nearby).

Our number one tip is to stay true to yourselves don't choose a venue just because it looks nice on Pinterest - choose the place that you feel a connection with - that meets your needs and feels authentic to you as a couple.

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