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Scent, unlike any other sense, is directly linked to our limbic system, the area of the brain most closely associated with memory, feeling, and imagination. This is why when we smell something, not only does it conjure memories but it evokes emotion.

After a wedding is over, there are very few tangible remnants to revisit the love and joy that was experienced on the day and in the months before. As a wedding planner, I often profess with much conviction that photos and video are incredibly precious in that they give you a chance to look back and reflect on the beginning of your marriage as well as the loved ones you celebrated with. Scent, with its incredible power to bring back emotion-filled memories, is perhaps an even more profound way to capture these memories.

Scenting is a particularly beautiful and meaningful way to personalise your wedding. From your own perfume, your floral choices, to scenting your entire venue, more and more couples are paying attention to scent in the overall vibe of their wedding and we can advise on creative ways to add scent to your wedding as well as which fragrances work well together (also known as. Fragrance Layering). Get in touch for more information on how we can help you craft the scentscape of your wedding.

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