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It’s in our ‘British’ nature that we find it difficult to ask for anything, thinking we might look too presumptuous. But most wedding guests wouldn’t dream of attending a wedding without having purchased a gift, so we highly recommend having a gift list so you end up with gifts or experiences you can treasure for a lifetime.

We can create a beautiful online registry for you and take all the stress away from what should be a super fun part of your wedding prep. Whether you would like a traditional wedding list where guests can purchase gifts of your choice, a honeymoon registry where guests can buy you amazing honeymoon experiences or even a charity gift list where guests can make contributions in your name to a charity of your choice - we can do it all.


We know all the best gift list providers and can advise on the most up to date costings and which service best fits your particular needs. With such a wide variety of gift list options available we can create a list that's a true reflection of your personalities and style, choosing gorgeous gifts from all of your favourite shops or asking guests to make a contribution to big ticket items such as the perfect honeymoon or a deposit for your first home. We can design your list for you and even add items for you if you wish. We can also create a bespoke gift list website exclusively for you.

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